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Learning About Maintaining Your Artificial Grass

It seems strange that an artificial grass would require any type of maintenance. Isn’t that the point of having turf grass in the first place – a lush, green lawn without all the required upkeep? For the most part, that is still true. However, as with any element of your home, inside or out, there… Read More

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Basic Maintenance Tips for Artificial Turf Grass

Let’s be honest, one of the major benefits of artificial turf grass is that it is not as demanding as real grass. Just establishing a new lawn alone can feel like a full time chore, and there is no guarantee all of it will even take. However, in order to keep your artificial lawn looking… Read More

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Why Your Kids Will Love Our Synthetic Turf

Everyone loves our synthetic turf because it’s so beautiful and is so easy to maintain. But there are hundreds of comments we hear every year about why people enjoy artificial grass from Bay Area Turf. We can tell you that most of all, children appreciate this beautiful, life-like turf. Here’s why you and your family… Read More

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Benefits & Features Of Tiger Turf

Tiger Turf is the essential  San Francisco Synthetic Grass for residential and commercial landscapes. If you are looking into the benefits and features of this synthetic turf product, Bay Area Turf is here to explain the benefits and features of our artificial grass products. Both commercial and residential property owners in the San Francisco bay area… Read More

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San Francisco Synthetic Lawns Offer a Great Return on Investment

It has been estimated that 70% of a households water bill is from watering their lawn. Now this is considering you are watering your lawn enough to keep it alive. So let’s do some math. If your water bill is say $150 / month and let’s say you have Bay Area Turf replace all your… Read More

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The Environment and Eco-Friendly Home Improvements: San Francisco Synthetic Grass, Water Saving Shower Heads & More

In a time when natural resources are scarce and environmental issues have come to the forefront, San Francisco households have taken steps to do their part to adopt sustainable living. Several green home improvement techniques are a growing trend among households that want to be actively involved in preserving water and other natural resources. Home… Read More

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