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Are You Looking For San Mateo Synthetic Grass Today?

San Mateo synthetic grass If you are looking to make the switch to a synthetic lawn, you have come to the right place! Bay Area Turf is your source for beautiful, affordable San Mateo synthetic grass . With our high quality, environmentally friendly San Mateo synthetic grass, you will save valuable time on yard work, environmental resources, and money in the long run because you won't have to pay for lawn maintenance, watering, and landscaping.

From park and rec, to schools, homes, and businesses, many people in San Mateo have been able to take advantage of the benefits of the low maintenance lawn alternative that San Mateo synthetic turf provides. An artificial lawn requires no watering, no constant lawn mowing, and doesn't produce any unsightly patches. Though it is synthetic in nature, our San Mateo synthetic grass looks and feels exactly like a natural lawn, minus all the allergens, pollen and mud! Our products are also pet friendly and safe for homes with small children. It even provides excellent drainage.

Want to learn more about why our San Mateo synthetic grass is the ideal solution in saving effort, time, precious resources and money? Call the San Mateo synthetic lawn experts at Bay Area Turf today! You don't have to worry about high-pressure sales tactics from our professionals. Our goal is to provide you with all the information you need to make a confident decision, and to help you better understand the benefits of synthetic lawns so that you can decide whether or not our products are right for you. If you do want to make the switch to fake grass, we'll show you how "real" and beautiful our products look compared to some of the other artificial grass you'll find on the market. Then we will provide you with expert installation of your new synthetic lawn, going the extra mile to ensure everything is perfect and that you are satisfied with your purchase.

Call Bay Area Turf at 925-961-8281 to make the switch to a synthetic lawn today, and start benefiting from all the advantages provided by synthetic grass!

Bay Area Turf - San Mateo Artificial Lawns

At Bay Area Turf our sole purpose is to provide our clients with a high level of expertise, a quality product for their San Mateo artificial lawns and the man power to get the job done right. Our expertise comes from years of construction experience in earthwork, grading, excavating and paving. Unlike the competition, our experience is not only in San Mateo synthetic turf installation. It is our diverse expertise that helps us get the job done right and ensure a precise installation of your new synthetic grass lawn.

We work in partnership with SGW Synthetic Grass Warehouse to supply our clients with one of the leading manufactures of synthetic turf: Tiger Turf. The artificial grass products that we provide from Tiger Turf are highly durable, environmentally friendly, aesthetically exquisite and quality controlled for perfect San Mateo artificial lawns.

Not sure if fake grass is for you? Bay Area Turf's experts are happy to provide you with a FREE on-site estimate to anyone looking to switch an artificial lawn in San Mateo.

San Mateo Fake Grass

At Bay Area Turf, we understand how difficult it can be to understand the benefits of San Mateo fake grass. After all, that term - "fake" - turns a lot of people off. However, we also know that our San Mateo fake grass products offer our residential and commercial clients an incredible amount of savings as well as an appealing look. That's why we are here to educate you on the features of San Mateo synthetic turf and the benefits of our services. We will help you to understand each of our San Mateo artificial grass products so that you not only understand them better, but so you can make an informed decision as to whether or not our products are for you. Everything from product choice, area measurements, design, and installation services will be addressed in a one time meeting with one of our San Mateo synthetic grass professionals. Just give us a call today to get started.

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San Mateo Synthetic Lawns

Synthetic turfgrass is the perfect solution for commercial spaces because it saves so much money on lawn maintenance. Consider this: how much money is wasted each year on maintaining all the natural grass that is government owned across America? Millions? Billions? 

If we invested our tax dollars into converting all our natural grass lawn into San Mateo synthetic lawn it would pay for itself within 3-5 years. After that we have 20-22 more years in the life of the product to save all those tax dollars. Just imagine - all the grass actually green all year round, plus huge savings on lawn maintenance expenses!

Let's do some math. I'm just going throw a random number out as an example. Usually a Bay Area Turf Lawn will pay for itself within 5 years. So let's say the city of San Mateo spends 1 million dollars per year on maintaining all the natural grass of city owned properties. Now let's say it costs 5 million dollars to convert all that grass to San Mateo synthetic lawns. At the end of 5 years, the artificial grass will have paid for itself. That leaves 20 years of saving 1 million dollars per year, not having to water or mow or trim any grass in the whole city. That is $20 million dollars saved over 25 years. Not bad at all if you ask us!

So whether you are a homeowner, a business owner, or a government official, we encourage you to hop on the band wagon and consider investing in San Mateo synthetic lawns today.

The Services We Provide in San Mateo, CA

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Reviews & Testimonials on Bay Area Turf in San Mateo, CA

What can I add that hasn't been said already? We recently moved into a brand new home that had a laughable excuse of a backyard. I guess that's the trade off you make if you want a zip code along the Peninsula. Our HOA dues cover landscaping on our front lawn, so it didn't make sense to buy a lawn mower to maintain a patch of grass in the back that we could cover in 10 steps and under. We decided to go with synthetic after weighing the long term costs that keeping the lawn as is would involve, and after doing comparison shopping with some of the big retailers like Lowe's and Costco, settled with Bay Area Turf.

What we really liked about Bay Area Turf is they're a local business whose goal is to make sure you're happy with the end product. At first we selected the grass in spring color, but Matt checked back in right before our appointment to make sure we were good with the color choice. We changed our mind to rescue and were glad he double checked with us since after comparing the colors again, spring would definitely have been a little too bright for our tastes. Matt and his partner arrived on time with a smile and got the job done quickly in under a few hours. It was definitely a smart decision to go with professionals instead of attempting to do this yourself after observing how much work and detail went into the installation.

The true test of the turf's quality rested with our beagle. He loved rolling around, digging and eating the real grass. When we first let him out back after the turf was installed, he was definitely a little skeptical - he knew something was up. After giving it the proper sniff down, he practically began doing somersaults and cartwheels. I think he may even like it more than the real thing, and we like that he's unable to eat this grass which will save us on messy cleanups in the future. Bay Area Turf gets four paws up from him. We love the new, clean and most of all natural look of our back lawn and will recommend Matt and his crew to all of our neighbors.

- Alice P | San Mateo, CA |

These guys are exactly what we needed for our small lawn. We got quotes from a bunch of larger companies. Bay Area Turf carried the best of quality turfs (we looked at a number of samples from other companies), and their prices were straight forward and reasonable. Matt was easy to work with, responsive by email and he started and finished the project right on time as expected. I was pretty pleased to see that the guy who gave us the quote (Matt - the owner) came out and did the work himself. It was nice to get the same quality service that we came to expect when we signed up. It also gave me the feeling that we weren't paying extra for company overhead. It has only been a few weeks since the install, so time will tell, but for now it looks like super high quality work. We are thrilled! Thank You!

- Seth J | San Mateo, CA |

Bay Area Turf installed synthetic lawn in our front yard. They did a beautiful job and went the extra mile to remove and reinstall decorating stones and pathway lighting. They even found a hidden clean-out we were not aware of existing. Matt is easy to talk to. There were no unpleasant surprises. Highly recommended.

- Koen B | San Mateo, CA |

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