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Welcome to Bay Area Turf: San Ramon Synthetic Grass Experts

San Ramon synthetic grass Do you want a lawn that is green all year long, but don't have the time or money to invest in that much lawn maintenance? Or maybe you are just tired of all the constant upkeep you put into your lawn, just to end up with an ugly, patchy yard. Well, Bay Area Turf has the solution for you: San Ramon synthetic grass .

That's right. Fake grass. But it's so much more than that! And at Bay Area Turf, we'll explain all the benefits and savings to you in an easy to understand manner with a no-hassle, no-pressure, FREE on-site consultation.

At Bay Area Turf our sole purpose is to provide our residential and commercial clients with a high level of experience, a quality San Ramon synthetic grass product, and the man power to get the job done right. Our expertise comes from years of construction experience in earthwork, grading, excavating and paving in San Ramon. Unlike other contractors in the San Ramon synthetic lawn sector, our experience is not only in synthetic grass installation. It is our diverse expertise that helps us get the job done right and ensure a synthetic lawn installation that is precise and problem-free. We take extra precaution to ensure everything about your new San Ramon synthetic grass lawn is perfect.

You don't have to take our word for it, though. Just take a look at our photo gallery of before and after shot or read through some of our recent client testimonials. From the beautiful artificial lawns we've installed in San Ramon to the many satisfied customers we have served, Bay Area Turf is your source for high quality San Ramon synthetic grass and the type of service you can rely on to be done correctly.

Give us a call today at -- to learn more about our synthetic grass products and savings synthetic lawns can provide you!

Bay Area Turf - San Ramon Artificial Lawns

San Ramon artificial lawns are a great alternative for residential and commercial properties, and Bay Area Turf is your synthetic grass expert offering a variety of beautiful, high quality, affordable products for your synthetic lawn needs. Our products make San Ramon artificial lawns environmentally friendly while also saving valuable, money and resources since synthetic turf is very low maintenance. From park and recreation centers, to schools, homes, and businesses, San Ramon artificial lawns are the perfect low maintenance lawn alternative. Just think: a lawn that stays green ALL YEAR LONG without the cost of expensive lawn maintenance or landscaping fees! No watering, no lawn maintenance, no ugly patches or bare spots. Be warned, though: our synthetic grass may cause neighbor envy!

While synthetic in nature, San Ramon artificial lawns look and feel just like natural grass. However, you won't have to deal with all the allergens, pollen and mud, or any of the maintenance costs. Bay Area Turf's synthetic grass products are also pet friendly and safe for homes with small children.

Let's review:

  • Super low maintenance
  • Green all year long, no patches
  • No watering necessary
  • No allergens or pollen
  • No mud
  • Eco-friendly
  • Pet and child safe

Needless to say, San Ramon artificial lawns are becoming increasingly popular because of these benefits and money saving qualities! So if you want to learn more about our synthetic grass products or synthetic lawns in general, give our experts San Ramon artificial lawns a call today. At Bay Area Turf our goal is help you better understand the benefits of synthetic lawns so that you can decide whether or not our products are right for you. Call us today at 925-961-8281 , and let us tell you more about our San Ramon synthetic grass products.

San Ramon Fake Grass

Bay Area Turf works in partnership with SGW Synthetic Grass Warehouse to supply our San Ramon clients with one of the leading manufactures of synthetic turf: Tiger Turf. The San Ramon fake grass products that we provide are:

  • Durable for up to 20 years of use
  • Environmentally friendly, safe for homes with pets and children
  • Aesthetically exquisite - looks just like real grass!
  • Quality controlled for outstanding beauty, durability, and safety

Get the perfect artificial lawn with our San Ramon fake grass! Call today and we will provide you the details of all of our artificial grass products so that you not only understand them better, but so you can make an informed decision when purchasing. We address everything from product choice, area measurements, design, and installation of San Ramon synthetic lawns during a one time meeting with our clients. Don't worry - we don't use pressure-sales tactics. We just want to help you understand the savings and benefits of the San Ramon fake grass products we provide.

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San Ramon Synthetic Lawns

Dogs are very rough on grass. They dig. They run. They pee. All of this slowly leads to a dead, bald, patchy lawn. Sure the up front cost of sod is very appealing when compared to San Ramon synthetic lawns. But the overall cost for dog owners to replace their natural grass lawn every few years adds up.

San Ramon synthetic lawns are DOG PROOF! The density of the blades along with the strength of the backing makes it virtually indestructible. Artificial grass is also easy to clean. When it comes to urine all homeowners have to do is grab the hose and rinse off the grass. That simple! For other "dog messes" you just pick it up as you would with a natural lawn. With San Ramon synthetic lawns homeowners don't have to worry about ruining their yards with "stay away" pet training chemicals or other treatments that may cause harm to the environment as well as your pets. Plus, no more patchy, ugly grass - or muddy paw tracks throughout the house! Make the switch to pet proof San Ramon synthetic lawns today. Call Bay Area Turf for more information.

The Services We Provide in San Ramon, CA

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Reviews & Testimonials on Bay Area Turf in San Ramon, CA

Words can't describe how happy we are with this company. We found this company on the internet. Since it has lots of positive reviews, we contacted the company for an estimate. The quote was very good and we decided to go for it. The owner, Matt, helped us choose the turf that's good for soccer playing and gave us references to see the turf he installed. He stopped by our house several times before the job began because of the changes we made. It took the crew (4 of them) 2 days to install our turf. The installation process went pretty smoothly. The crew was highly professional and you would tell they really enjoyed doing what they did. Matt was a real pleasure to work with. We were very happy with the new look on our front yard and side yard.

But the story doesn't end here.... one month after the installation, we noticed there were patches of color variations on the new turf... it got white spots in several areas. At first we thought they were dirt, but it was strange that we couldn't wash them off. And then the size of the white spots/strikes started to grow mysteriously. After taking a closer look at the turf, it seems like someone has trimmed the top 1/2" off the turf to expose the white lining/backing of the turf. We were very puzzled; we then emailed Matt regarding the turf issues. He stopped by our house again and told us that the discoloration was caused by the reflection of the sunlight from the windows. We've never heard of that before... apparently the glass from the low e window acts like a magnifying glass, it reflects the sunlight and hence burns the grass on the light path. Mystery solved... but we were not sure if the warranty would cover for it. To our surprise, Matt was able to get the replacement turf from the manufacturer. He even installed the new turf without any cost to us. And on top of that, he installed the outside window shades to prevent the sunlight reflection with no charge to us.

I can't think of any other company that would go above and beyond to satisfy their customers. We would highly recommend Bay Area Turf if you are shopping for the artificial turf.

- Coco L | San Ramon, CA |

My front yard lawn has been giving me headaches for years even after re-sodding twice. For some reason, even with constant sprinkling to deal with the afternoon sun on our side the grass is just not doing well. After it has slowly become an ugly garden of weeds and getting a code violation notice from the community to fix it I decide it's time to put this issue to bed.

I saw the good reviews here for Bay Area Turf and decided to give them a try. A lady with a lovely voice took my message for Matt who responded quickly with his quotes. Everything went smoothly and Matt showed up exactly the day and time he said he would to start the work.

The job was done professionally and efficiently with no surprises. The turf looks great and I get thumbs ups from neighbors when they drive by.

All and all, Matt is a good guy and I'm very pleased with his work. I'll recommend his service to my neighbors if they're also interesting in saving water/money and having a wonderful grass to look at 365 days a year.

- Linus H | San Ramon, CA |

Matt is super easy going and never pressured us into anything. He and his team arrived on time and did a wonderful job on our front yard.

We were told it would take two days, but they worked really hard and got everything done in one! They even helped us plant a magnolia tree. We're so proud of our yard and have received compliments from neighbors on how great it looks. We're saving up money so we can eventually have Matt do the back.

Thanks, Matt!

- Damon L | San Ramon, CA |

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