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El Cerrito Synthetic Grass - The Finest Company For Your Needs!

El Cerrito synthetic grass Bay Area Turf is your source for El Cerrito synthetic grass . Many homeowners and businesses in El Cerrito are making the switch to artificial lawns because of the incredible savings these alternatives provide. At Bay Area Turf, we have over 35 years of experience not only providing and installing top quality El Cerrito synthetic grass products, but in construction, earthwork, grading, excavating and paving. Our diverse range of expertise allows us to provide our clients with high quality installation of El Cerrito artificial lawns and a finish that leaves you feeling satisfied with the investment.

Our El Cerrito synthetic grass products come from a leading manufacturer of artificial lawns, Tiger Turf. These artificial grass products offer many benefits including the following features:

  • Green All Year Long
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Pet & Child Safe
  • Low Maintenance - no watering, no mowing, no hassle!
  • Saves Money - paying for itself in about 5 years
  • Durable - over 20 years of use
  • No allergens or pollen
  • No mud
  • Looks like Real Grass!

Want to learn more about the benefits of synthetic lawns or our specific products? Call the El Cerrito synthetic grass experts at Bay Area Turf today to schedule a FREE on-site consultation.

Bay Area Turf - El Cerrito Artificial Lawns

At Bay Area Turf, we are committed to delivering you the highest quality product and installation so your El Cerrito artificial lawns experience will always result in a positive and healthy one. We know it can be difficult it understand the benefits of El Cerrito artificial lawns. After all, terms like synthetic, artificial and fake tend to leave homeowners feeling "cheated." But once they realize all the savings and benefits of having artificial lawns, those reactionary feelings to the terms are quickly put aside.

El Cerrito synthetic lawns offer residential and commercial property owners amazing savings without sacrificing the overall look - because our products are quality controlled and made to look beautiful like real, lush, natural grass!

The sole purpose of our El Cerrito artificial grass experts at Bay Area Turf is to educate you on the features and benefits of our synthetic turf so you can make an informed decision. We address everything from product choice, area measurements, design, and installation of El Cerrito artificial lawns in a FREE on-site consultation. Most of our projects only take 1-2 days to complete, too, offering our clients the chance to enjoy their new synthetic lawns quickly without a lot of fuss or construction. Our team is very neat and clean, too, taking extra care to treat your property with respect. You don't have to take our word for it, though. Our client testimonials and before and after photos are testament enough of the quality of our workmanship. So we encourage you to browse through our website to learn more about the El Cerrito artificial lawns we have installed. Or, give us a call today at 925-961-8281 to get started on your project!

El Cerrito Fake Grass

Water is one of our most valuable resources on the planet. It is estimated that during the summer months 75% of El Cerrito household water usage goes to watering natural lawns. El Cerrito fake grass is the perfect alternative that provides many savings, including water savings!

All the money you'll save by not having to water your synthetic lawn will offset the cost of Bay Area Turf's El Cerrito fake grass installation within 5 years. The 20 years of estimated life after that is all PROFIT.

Make the switch to El Cerrito fake grass today. We can assure you the beauty of our synthetic grass products and the savings are anything but "fake!"

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El Cerrito Synthetic Lawns

Want to know why so many people are switching from a natural lawn to synthetic lawns in El Cerrito? THE ADVANTAGES, plain and simple. From saving on time and money, mostly from eliminating all that costly lawn maintenance, to improved lifestyle and helping with environmental issues, El Cerrito synthetic lawns are quickly gaining popularity with homeowners and businesses.

El Cerrito synthetic lawns installed by Bay Area Turf are easy to maintain, providing an incredibly low maintenance alternative to natural grass. You no longer have to get out the lawn mower once a week and make sure you turn your sprinklers on every morning to keep your grass alive, green and lush. That equals more time and money savings! For those who hire a gardener to take care of their lawns, they will see even bigger savings by switching to El Cerrito synthetic lawns. Once installed, the only maintenance that an artificial lawn needs is a monthly brooming or blowing (with a leaf blower) to eliminate any debris and to keep the synthetic grass blades from laying down. A quick, easy fix just once a month. It's that simple.

Start SAVING and switch to low maintenance El Cerrito synthetic lawns - call Bay Area Turf today!

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Reviews & Testimonials on Bay Area Turf in El Cerrito, CA

I am extremely impressed and pleased with the exceptional work Matt and his crew provided me. From the first email conversation to the solid handshake yesterday afternoon, this has been a wonderful experience. Prices were reasonable, high quality products were used and the installation went smoothly and is beautiful, with great attention to detail. Matt is trustworthy, direct and a very polite, honest person. I have only the strongest praise and enthusiasm in recommending Bay Area Turf to anyone. Matt even encouraged me to go online to redeem a coupon that would give me a discount toward the cost. How cool is that?

- Pam S | El Cerrito, CA |

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