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Words can't describe how happy we are with this company. We found this company on the internet. Since it has lots of positive reviews, we contacted the company for an estimate. The quote was very good and we decided to go for it. The owner, Matt, helped us choose the turf that's good for soccer playing and gave us references to see the turf he installed. He stopped by our house several times before the job began because of the changes we made. It took the crew (4 of them) 2 days to install our turf. The installation process went pretty smoothly. The crew was highly professional and you would tell they really enjoyed doing what they did. Matt was a real pleasure to work with. We were very happy with the new look on our front yard and side yard. But the story doesn't end here.... one month after the installation, we noticed there were patches of color variations on the new turf... it got white spots in several areas. At first we thought they were dirt, but it was strange that we couldn't wash them off. And then the size of the white spots/strikes started to grow mysteriously. After taking a closer look at the turf, it seems like someone has trimmed the top 1/2" off the turf to expose the white lining/backing of the turf. We were very puzzled; we then emailed Matt regarding the turf issues. He stopped by our house again and told us that the discoloration was caused by the reflection of the sunlight from the windows. We've never heard of that before... apparently the glass from the low e window acts like a magnifying glass, it reflects the sunlight and hence burns the grass on the light path. Mystery solved... but we were not sure if the warranty would cover for it. To our surprise, Matt was able to get the replacement turf from the manufacturer. He even installed the new turf without any cost to us. And on top of that, he installed the outside window shades to prevent the sunlight reflection with no charge to us. I can't think of any other company that would go above and beyond to satisfy their customers. We would highly recommend Bay Area Turf if you are shopping for the artificial turf.

- Coco L | San Ramon, CA |

We found Bay Area Turf thanks to fellow YELP reviewers and we couldn't be more happier with the end result! Artificial turf was the final project to complete our entire backyard remodel. We had already exhausted a lot of our budget and were not quite sure if we would be able to afford artificial vs. sod. After a few calls to some of the local synthetic grass companies, we were getting very discouraged due to the astronomically high quotes we were receiving. Finally came across Bay Area Turf on Yelp and submitted an online consultation request. Matt responded within the hour via email, provided a rough estimate which was very reasonable and scheduled final measure/quote. We were so pleased with the turf products they carry- far more realistic than most we had seen from other vendors and supply/rockery stores, so we decided to move forward. Matt was able to schedule us within 1 week and would complete the job for 645 sq ft in 2 days. They showed up right on time at 8am on day 1 with all of the materials & tools. I was worried because there was heavy drizzle the night before and knew the work area would get muddy, and digging out the old dirt for excavation would require more work. They managed to work through the challenges created by the weather on day 1 and showed up even earlier at 7:40am on day 2! Everything was installed without a hitch and it was great to see Matt checking all of the edges and verifying everything was in good order prior to applying the in-fill and using the power broom. What really really impressed me is that they came prepared! I was NOT expecting them to clean up the job site to the extent of what they did with a power washer & blower!! All previous contractors to work on our yard only used push broom and water hose with spray nozzle! They really exceeded my expectations by leaving the backyard cleaner than how it was before they started! We would not hesitate to recommend Bay Area Turf to all of our friends & family and will certainly look forward to installing round 2 in the front yard next year. Thanks Matt & crew for making our backyard look awesome!

- Philip M | San Jose, CA |

My front yard lawn has been giving me headaches for years even after resodding twice. For some reason, even with constant sprinkling to deal with the afternoon sun on our side the grass is just not doing well. After it has slowly become an ugly garden of weeds and getting a code violation notice from the community to fix it I decide it's time to put this issue to bed. I saw the good reviews here for Bay Area Turf and decided to give them a try. A lady with a lovely voice took my message for Matt who responded quickly with his quotes. Everything went smoothly and Matt showed up exactly the day and time he said he would to start the work. The job was done professionally and efficiently with no surprises. The turf looks great and I get thumbs ups from neighbors when they drive by. All and all, Matt is a good guy and I'm very pleased with his work. I'll recommend his service to my neighbors if they're also interesting in saving water/money and having a wonderful grass to look at 365 days a year.

- Tomas C | Santa Clara, CA |

We solicited several bids to in stall artificial turf in our side yard. Based on the bid price, the materials to be used and the promised timeline for installation, we selected Bay Area Turf to install artificial turf in our side yard to serve as splay area for our two pups. Matt and his team did a great job with the installation. They contoured the slope to the existing hard scape beautifully. The turf looks very realistic with no visible seams, and most importantly, the pups love it. Matt and his team also did a great job cleaning up after the job was completed, power spraying the street, driveway and pathways. We would highly recommend Bay Area Turf!.

- Kiri T | Moraga, CA |

I had researched almost every available option for artificial turf and got four quotes. Then I found Bay Area Turf on Yelp. Matt was able to come out very quickly to look at our fairly small project. He gave us a quote that evening that was far less than any other company, and had an opening the next week instead of having to wait for two to three weeks. He and his guys showed up right on time and finished the job in one day, versus 2 plus days quoted by the others. Matt was a real pleasure to work with! He was very professional and honest, I didn't feel like we were being "sold" on his proposal. There was no pressure to do the job, as there was with other companies. He and his guys worked diligently through the day and cleaned up the site when they were done. All the guys seemed like they actually enjoy what they do and worked very hard to do an excellent job. I really appreciated the fact that the owner was on site working the job. I believe that working with this company gave us a far better result than we could have expected with the larger companies in the area. Their pride in their work was evident. All in all, a great experience that went much better than I had anticipated. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone I know looking for this type of product. We've transformed our back yard from a muddy mess created by our two Labradors and various raccoons and other wildlife to a beautiful green yard. My husband was amazed that when he left for work in the morning, the yard was a disaster and he came back to a clean and lovely place! I would definitely give Matt a call because I believe that you'll be very impressed with his professionalism and commitment to a quality job.

- Pamela R | San Jose, CA |

What was once a useless corner in my yard is now the focal point of my property, and its all thanks to Matt and his crew. We had approximately 800 square feet of dirt and gravel surrounded by shady redwood trees that we could really do nothing with. I have two small kids. My yard really had no place for them to let loose and get the wiggles out except for the driveway. That just seems like a disaster waiting to happen. Keeping them cooped up in the house all day was driving them and me crazy, but I was reluctant to have my toddler play in a big gravel pit. My wife did the research and tried plant after plant but nothing would grow, because the spot gets absolutely no sunlight. Finally we decided to bite the bullet and go with turf. I had several well know companies come to the house and give me their spiel about how great their grass was and how it could drain like 500 gallons of water a second. One company was here for three hours giving us the hard sell. They were very convincing but their prices were outrageous. Eventually I found Bay Area Turf on Yelp. Out of everyone they were the highest rated but seemed like the smallest company. I called Matt and he came all the way out to Hercules from Brentwood. He was here for all of ten minutes which was great because my young natives were getting restless. He took his measurements let us keep samples of the grass and was gone. A few hours later he got back to me with a price that was way more than fair, so I gave him the green light. His crew was in and out in a day and a half, and the yard looks amazing. All the guys were incredibly friendly, helpful, and accommodating to the endless questions and prying eyes of my family. Matt even used his Bobcat to tear up a tree stump for me out of the kindness of his heart. In truth I think he was a curious as I was to see if he could actually do it. A few days before they arrived I installed a French drain in the area where the grass was to go. To give me peace of mind they insisted on digging that part by hand so they wouldn't damage my work. I really enjoyed having these guys take care of the project for me. I used to be a carpenter for over a decade and know what quality craftsmanship, and excellent customer service looks like. You can tell that they take pride in their work and are hungry for opportunity. As for the install what can I say. The lawn is level and flat and the edge is contoured to my tree line. Another company was going to charge me extra for this but they took care of it because it looked best. That part of my yard is now the go to spot for everyone including my dog. It was well worth the money. If you have read this far you are obviously interested in turf. I don't need to convince you how great it is. My only advice is to give Bay Area Turf a shot. From my experience you really can't go wrong.

- Ross P | Hercules, CA |

Thank you Bay Area Turf team for our backyard makeover. The pavers and turf look amazing! You were so easy to work with and the job was completed sooner than expected. You guys rock!

- Michelle And Rommel | Pacifica, CA |

I feel very fortunate to have run across Yelp reviews for Bay Area Turf. I have turf in my front yard, done by a large San Jose company, and was not happy with the quality of the turf, installation quality, or their price. This was done, several years ago, when there was little competition in the turf industry. This time, I did get two quotes for turf installation for my backyard. I had about 780 square feet to cover. Matt, the owner of Bay Area Turf, gave me a price that was $1,400.00 less than company X. It was a no-brainer to do business with Matt, particularly after reading all of his excellent Yelp reviews, which he has earned. Matt came out; gave me a ballpark quote, and in less than an hour, emailed me an online contract, with that exact price; I signed, sent him my 10%, and in about 2 1/2 weeks time, came out with three coworkers, and had my backyard looking terrific in only eight hours. I had removed the necessary dirt; a big cost savings, thus the one day install. If you want to do business with a young man, who has old fashioned values, yet uses technology to expedite the business end of the process; I highly recommend Matt and Bay Area Turf. I'm certain that you will be as pleased as I am.

- Linda R | Concord, CA |

Matt and his crew were great - came on time, finished quicker than expected, worked very hard, managed to clear out our concrete posted planter box and get rid of a pesky rodent en route to finishing it off with a great looking artificial turf surface that looks awesome. I have already recommended Bay Area Turf to family and friends and Id use them again for sure.

- Brian R | Pleasant ville, CA |

Matt was very responsive during the time we were deciding who to choose to do our backyard. Matt worked with our budget without sacrificing the quality of work or materials. The work was completed in one day! They arrived before my husband left for work and when my husband got home, he came home to a new backyard. We are very happy with our new backyard and are excited for our toddlers to be able to finally play out there.

- Melody I | Daly City, CA |

Fast, half the cost of competitors, efficient, good communication, small business, independently run. Were able to get ours done in one day, were able to schedule much sooner than the competition could. Happy happy happy to enjoy my new yard this summer!!

- M E | San Francisco, CA |

Excellent work . . . complete in one day . . . above and beyond my expectations . . . totally transformed/beautified my front yard . . . working mucho OT so i can get the back yard done too . . . big thanks :)

- Kim A | Oakland, CA |

After spending months researching and interviewing different turf companies (almost going with another), we chose Bay Area Turf and we couldn't have been more happy with our decision. Matt was straightforward and honest from the beginning and was a delightful professional all the way until the end. It was supposed to take 3 days to do our backyard, but Matt and his crew of 3 other guys all worked hard from early in the morning until the end of the day and got it done in 2 days! They were very efficient, worked well together and what I liked most was that they were happy and having a good time doing their jobs! No one complained and they were always smiling and laughing, listening to their country music, which I thought was funny for a few young guys working in cities like Oakland and SF. Our yard was fairly big and had some major drainage issues as well as roots from trees, but Matt knew precisely what to do and how to dig in a French drain on one side while tenderly cutting roots from a big tree on the other side. A week before the project, we wanted to consider different grass product and Matt went out of his way to FedEx a box with 4 samples for us to look at again. We ended up choosing the Diamond Pro Spring as it was the most durable for our 2 kids and 2 dogs. Matt was very knowledgeable and patient, answering every question with respect and regard for our needs and interests. He was not the slick, salesman type but rather a hard working, down-to-earth, honest businessman who I trusted to do a good job. And he did a great job, actually! My family and I are very satisfied with the service, the product and the results of Bay Area Turf's transformation of our old difficult to manage grass yard, to a low to no maintenance and very "green" and eco-friendly turf yard. Feel free to contact me if you want any more feedback or kudos on Matt.

- Paul T | Berkeley, CA |

We just had a terrific experience landscaping our SF backyard with Bay Area Turf. Matt was great to work with from beginning to end. After some Q&A back and forth via email he gave us a very reasonable estimate before he even came out. Then when he came for the FREE consultation he was the only one of the guys we talked to who actually brought Samples of materials, and told us what was most popular and why. He was so pleasant to work with right from the start and always very professional. I had several adjustments I wanted to make before the job started. No problem. Matt worked with me get it all figured out on what we were going to do. The other 3 guys that came on the installation day were great as well. Everybody worked extremely well as a team and you could tell they had fun doing quality landscaping work. When it was all done I remember my first thought was "an excellent plan - executed flawlessly". The team got everything done in 1 day, all for one fee including all materials and labor. The final cost with all adjustments was very reasonable for the Bay Area (I did checking at other companies and with other neighbors and we got a Great deal for such quality work.) Job well done Matt and team. I've already started the rounds of recommendations at our new community development. I'm hoping to see Matt and team become the de facto standard here at our nice brand new SF town homes! Do feel free to contact me if you would like any more feedback on Matt and the superb Bay Area Turf team.

- Franz B | San Francisco, CA |

A very smooth installation. No surprises. Very little hassle. Honest & straightforward contractor. Beautiful installation. I always try to go with smaller, local contractors instead of big franchises, and usually have good luck. This was no exception. Matt answered my email inquiry promptly with a ballpark figure and then came out to actually see the site and prepare the quote. The price per sq. ft. was very fair, and what I had generally expected given previous online & home show research. Everything was easy: The contract was simple; no hidden gotcha's. We communicated through email. They started on time, and finished earlier than expected, and cleaned up the yard, drive and court upon exit. My approx 600 sf job was completed in a weekend. The court access to my backyard isn't the easiest, and the crew was very respectful of my request to avoid blocking access to neighbor driveways. I could tell that the crew was all very knowledgeable; a well-oiled machine. I recommend this contractor; I was lucky to find him!

- Cindy C | Pleasanton, CA |

My front yard lawn has been giving me headaches for years even after re-sodding twice. For some reason, even with constant sprinkling to deal with the afternoon sun on our side the grass is just not doing well. After it has slowly become an ugly garden of weeds and getting a code violation notice from the community to fix it I decide it's time to put this issue to bed. I saw the good reviews here for Bay Area Turf and decided to give them a try. A lady with a lovely voice took my message for Matt who responded quickly with his quotes. Everything went smoothly and Matt showed up exactly the day and time he said he would to start the work. The job was done professionally and efficiently with no surprises. The turf looks great and I get thumbs ups from neighbors when they drive by. All and all, Matt is a good guy and I'm very pleased with his work. I'll recommend his service to my neighbors if they're also interesting in saving water/money and having a wonderful grass to look at 365 days a year.

- Linus H | San Ramon, CA |

So impressed! I called Matt to come take a look at my backyard to see if artificial grass would be a good option for us (we have dogs). He was on-time and incredibly professional throughout the entire consultation. He showed us different types of grass and helped to explain the differences and what would be best for us - it was a very personalized consultation. We also received our estimate the same day of the consultation which was great. The day the actual work was scheduled to happen Matt and his team where early (this was so great) and finished on schedule. When the job was completed I was amazed. The results surpassed my expectations. Our yard looks so much better and the amount of detail that went into making sure the grass was cut perfectly and framed our patio area is very impressive. Overall I was highly impressed with the quality of work, the craftsmanship and the high level of professionalism and customer service. I would definitely recommend Bay Area Turf to anyone looking to have artificial grass installed.

- Lindsay K | Dublin, CA |

What can I add that hasn't been said already? We recently moved into a brand new home that had a laughable excuse of a backyard. I guess that's the trade off you make if you want a zip code along the Peninsula. Our HOA dues cover landscaping on our front lawn, so it didn't make sense to buy a lawn mower to maintain a patch of grass in the back that we could cover in 10 steps and under. We decided to go with synthetic after weighing the long term costs that keeping the lawn as is would involve, and after doing comparison shopping with some of the big retailers like Lowe's and Costco, settled with Bay Area Turf. What we really liked about Bay Area Turf is they're a local business whose goal is to make sure you're happy with the end product. At first we selected the grass in spring color, but Matt checked back in right before our appointment to make sure we were good with the color choice. We changed our mind to rescue and were glad he double checked with us since after comparing the colors again, spring would definitely have been a little too bright for our tastes. Matt and his partner arrived on time with a smile and got the job done quickly in under a few hours. It was definitely a smart decision to go with professionals instead of attempting to do this yourself after observing how much work and detail went into the installation. The true test of the turf's quality rested with our beagle. He loved rolling around, digging and eating the real grass. When we first let him out back after the turf was installed, he was definitely a little skeptical - he knew something was up. After giving it the proper sniff down, he practically began doing somersaults and cartwheels. I think he may even like it more than the real thing, and we like that he's unable to eat this grass which will save us on messy cleanups in the future. Bay Area Turf gets four paws up from him. We love the new, clean and most of all natural look of our back lawn and will recommend Matt and his crew to all of our neighbors.

- Alice P | San Mateo, CA |

Matt is super easy going and never pressured us into anything. He and his team arrived on time and did a wonderful job on our front yard. We were told it would take two days, but they worked really hard and got everything done in one! They even helped us plant a magnolia tree. We're so proud of our yard and have received compliments from neighbors on how great it looks. We're saving up money so we can eventually have Matt do the back. Thanks, Matt!

- Damon L | San Ramon, CA |

The grass in my backyard was looking really bad. There were areas that were muddy due to over watering and lack of sunshine, and other areas where the grass didn't even grow anymore. Worst yet, I continued to water and even pay someone to mow that nasty grass area. I had a few options - replace lawn and fix my ineffective sprinklers or "go green" and save some water and yard maintenance. I decided on the latter. Called a few synthetic lawn companies for information. Providing approximate square footage, I received rough estimates for the backyard project. I chose Bay Area Turf for the job. Matt was very responsive to emails from the start. An appointment was scheduled to get an estimate. The company called and confirmed my appointment by email and also with a phone call. Matt arrived and took measurements and brought lawn samples for us to choose from. Within a few days, we accepted his contract and he gave us a start date. Matt and crew arrived on time and worked the whole day. They cleaned up before they left. My lawn looks like it did when we first had our sod installed. The synthetic grass looks so real. The dogs christened the grass right away. It must have looked, felt and smelled like real grass to them as well ! Very pleased with the results and the customer service that Matt provided.

- Karin H | Pleasanton, CA |

Our front yard looks great now. No maintenance, no more watering. It was quick it took a day to finish. Matt is very helpful with all my questions. Highly recommended and very reasonable pricing.

- Cindy E | Coto De Caza, CA |

We wanted to get artificial grass for our side yard/dog run. Matt came to give us a quote and discuss options. He was very professional and his easy going and friendly manner won us over. We are so happy that we went with Bay Area Turf and we love the new grass. We extended the job to a small patch in the front yard and our several our neighbors have commented on nice it looks.

- Chita H | Danville, CA |

These guys are exactly what we needed for our small lawn. We got quotes from a bunch of larger companies. Bay Area Turf carried the best of quality turfs (we looked at a number of samples from other companies), and their prices were straight forward and reasonable. Matt was easy to work with, responsive by email and he started and finished the project right on time as expected. I was pretty pleased to see that the guy who gave us the quote (Matt - the owner) came out and did the work himself. It was nice to get the same quality service that we came to expect when we signed up. It also gave me the feeling that we weren't paying extra for company overhead. It has only been a few weeks since the install, so time will tell, but for now it looks like super high quality work. We are thrilled! Thank You!

- Seth J | San Mateo, CA |

I am extremely impressed and pleased with the exceptional work Matt and his crew provided me. From the first email conversation to the solid handshake yesterday afternoon, this has been a wonderful experience. Prices were reasonable, high quality products were used and the installation went smoothly and is beautiful, with great attention to detail. Matt is trustworthy, direct and a very polite, honest person. I have only the strongest praise and enthusiasm in recommending Bay Area Turf to anyone. Matt even encouraged me to go online to redeem a coupon that would give me a discount toward the cost. How cool is that?

- Pam S | El Cerrito, CA |

Matt and his crew did an excellent job on our backyard. Their prices were very reasonable compared to other companies. They showed up on time, worked throughout the day in the rain and were very professional. I would highly recommend them!

- Cathleen V | San Jose, CA |

It's been pleasant working with Matt of Bay Area Turf. He won't pressure you into buying or signing contract, but just give you the options, suggestions, and insights. Day 1 - saw all the great YELP reviews Matt has. Emailed him for a quote with my patio dimension. Day 2 - Received quote from Matt Day 4 - Matt came out on weekend to show us the turf sample Day 7 - Agreed on terms and signed contract Day 10 - Matt and his crew came out, and completed the job. No mess. Just perfect. It's that EASY. Matt is very direct, and knowledgeable in what is needed, and most importantly what is not needed for your lawn, backyard, and patio so that the money is not wasted. My wife, myself, and especially my two boys love our new patio. Matt and his team did a terrific job. One key note - Matt has high quality workmanship, and in my opinion, he does more than what is listed in the contract to make sure the turf goes in with no problem. He is not a salesman that tries to get you to buy more. He provides quality and confident that homeowners look for.

- Gary Y | Alameda, CA |

I emailed Matt about a very small area I needed done. He was extremely responsive over email, which I find very professional. He quoted me an amazing price because he could use some materials he already had. We set up an appointment time, and while he had to change it a few times, it was no big deal for me as my schedule is very flexible. He and another person showed up around the time expected and got the work done well. The new turf looks great, they were friendly and helpful, and I'm very pleased with the work they did. Thanks!

- Michael S | Antioch, CA |

Matt helped me install a small patch of grass where my dogs play. It was an area that we've struggled to grow grass for a long time because the dogs do their business there. He was very professional and available the same week. He was also able to add something in the sand to keep the odor away. He also gave us a spray treatment in case it started smelling. Since the original lawn contained a sprinkler system, he removed the sprinkler head and piping for us. The lawn looks great now, green and lush, instead of muddy and patchy like it was before. Best of all, there are no more muddy footprints in the house from the dogs. We discovered there were some issues with the rest of the sprinkler system after the installation of the grass. I thought it might have to do with the changes he had made. So I asked Matt to come by and take a look. He did not hesitate and came the following day. Turns out, there was some dirt in the line and he was able to fix in a few hours. I couldn't be happier with his customer service and the end product.

- Wendy H | Walnut Creek, CA |

Matt and his crew of two others arrived on time and got to work immediately. Having previously watched several YouTube videos about how to install turf (when I was planning to do it myself), I was keen to see if he followed all the standard steps. I was very pleased to see that he not only performed a textbook installation, but also took the time and care to make sure all the edges were neatly tucked. I also discovered that Matt had installed a special cover over an access pipe which hid it completely and made it safe for my kids to play around. It was not part of the original quote and there was no extra charge for it. That is what I call commitment to quality.

- Justin G | San Jose, CA |

We had a small section of grass in front of the house which was annoying to maintain and always looked horrible. We decided to replace it with artificial turf and after calling around, we decided to get a quote from Bay Area Turf (among others). Matt came out to give the estimate and he was on time and completely professional and friendly. His quote was very reasonable and we decided to sign the contract and get on his calendar a few weeks out. I had a couple of questions before the install date and so I emailed Matt a couple of times and he always responded quickly - I love that. And then even better - he emailed to find out if he could do our job a week early since he was doing another job in the area the same day. Sure! He started at 7am (we didn't wake up/see him until about 8:30am) and was done before lunch time. They cleaned up after themselves leaving the front area cleaner than when they started. The new lawn looks *fantastic* and we have received many compliments from our neighbors. I've also seen more than one car slow down to check it out. We are very happy with our lawn and with Matt's great service.

- Joanne J | Foster City, CA |

Matt, the owner, came out and showed us samples and have us a quote. He seems to be a really laid back-no pressure type of guy. I like that quality in a sales person. He arrived on time to do the install. The guys didn't seem to be bothered that my kids watched them work all day. We are happy with the finished product. My pup and kids love the new yard. The neighbor commented on how nice the yard looks and how quiet the guys were when they were working. I'd recommend Bay Area Turf to friends and family. Thanks Matt!

- Mari W | Pittsburg, CA |

Matt first come over, but we had an irregular shaped lawn with curves, and grooves. First quote was too low, in part because I underestimated the square footage to about 900, but real size for all 3 lots was closer to 1400 sq. feet. We made a deal , and they came over on weekend. They did one section completely the first day, and dug up the second section. They had all the bobcats mini bulldozer, rototillers, etc. My housekeeper was observing them, and said most of the workers were diligent and hardworking. One was slower, but still got the job done. All yard waste was removed, and they spent time to clean up the area. They spread over 3inches of sand as base. Spent time to compact all areas, and also did a great job spreading the turf, as well as spreading the sand on top. Clean up was good.. They also capped all sprinklers. Matt was also great at responding to problems and questions. HE also let me keep some of the excess turf to use as covering for problem areas in other parts of yard.

The work was fantastic. The response from neighbors was great. I interviewed 4 other companies, but was glad I chose Matt ! Thanks for the awesome lawn..... I am so happy, and it is environmentally friendly, saves water, saves money, and I think I will recover the cost in 7 years. Wow. A+++

- Harry L | Oakland, CA |

Matt has been a pleasure to work with. He has been excellent about communicating and helping me with ideas for designing my front yard. I have changed my mind on the design two or three times and Matt has been extremely patient and accommodating each time. He installed my artificial turf this past weekend and it really looks great. I got quotes from several different companies and Matt's prices were very competitive. He and I are now discussing temporary options for the backyard and probably in 2-3 years l will ask Matt to install turf in the backyard as well.

- Gene E | Newark, CA |

I was trying to grow natural grass in the backyard of my townhouse for my new puppy, but field mice and gophers quickly found and destroyed my efforts. I called in Bay Area Turf. I was impressed with the quality of their work, their friendly professional manner and their price. They completed the job in a day, and left me with a beautiful "lawn", which both I and my puppy love.

- Sally R | Castro Valley, CA |

Bay Area Turf installed synthetic lawn in our front yard. They did a beautiful job and went the extra mile to remove and reinstall decorating stones and pathway lighting. They even found a hidden clean-out we were not aware of existing. Matt is easy to talk to. There were no unpleasant surprises. Highly recommended.

- Koen B | San Mateo, CA |

We had a small area (about 200 Sq Ft) in our backyard where we wanted grass but with too much shade we decided artificial turf would be a good solution. We contacted several local firms for quotations. Matt's quotation was very competitive and his follow-up was the best. He let us know when materials were ordered and confirmed the installation date a few days before. He and his crew arrived on time and worked throughout the morning to finish the job. He and his crew are very professional and did an excellent installation job. I highly recommend Bay Area Turf and would not hesitate to use them again.

- Ed North | Los Altos, CA |

After seeing artificial lawns being advertised on KRON4, I was nervous that it would be really expensive despite our small 210 sq ft backyard. I was also nervous about getting ripped off and shoddy workmanship. But I'm glad I didn't go for that KRON4 company and went with Matt and his crew instead. He gave me an estimate over email, then came to our house for an exact quote. On the day of the job, he arrived early and finished all the work in about 5 hours and it looks absolutely beautiful. The grass itself was Everglade Fescue Pro, and I think it's even softer and nicer to sit on than real grass. Couldn't be more satisfied!

- Dean I | Hayward, CA |

Matt and team were excellent! I was the hesitant one-my husband convinced this was the right choice for us. Two dogs and a toddler-back yard was trashed. Matt was very patient, answering all my questions, providing options and leaving the decision to us. We talked to several other companies and Matt offered the best advice (honest advice-not just salesy stuff) and a great price. Team showed up, did a great job, cleaned up and now it looks great! Thanks Matt!

- Michelle G | Pacifica, CA |

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