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5 Creative Uses for Synthetic Grass

Pleasanton Synthetic Grass As synthetic turf is becoming more popular among Pleasonton homeowners, people are experimenting and discovering new uses for this faux grass. Synthetic grass is a low maintenance option with numerous colors, textures, and lengths to choose from, and it works well in areas with heavy foot traffic. Although its primary use is for recreational activities and sports, homeowners are opting for synthetic grass to save on landscaping costs.

Where to Use Synthetic Grass

Under Outdoor Furniture - If you spend a lot of time lounging outdoors, consider placing synthetic turf underneath your outdoor furniture, which can be a nuisance to move every time you mow natural grass.

On a Rooftop or Balcony - Residents in urban areas don't have to worry about maintaining expansive lawns, but they may desire greenery on their rooftop or balcony. Synthetic turf can be applied to these spaces to provide a fresh, natural appearance.

Underneath Children's Outdoor Play Areas - Grass often suffers when large children's toys are placed on top of it. Trampolines, play houses, and swing sets stunt the growth of natural grass, but synthetic turf offers a soft and safe area for children to play while maintaining its good condition.

Between Pavers - Consider adding synthetic grass between stone pavers to add a soft contrast against the hardscaping around your home. Real grass is hard to maintain in this location, but synthetic turf will provide the same look without the hassle.

Around a Swimming Pool - Overflowing water from your swimming pool will damage the grass around the pool, turning the yard muddy and the grass brown. Placing synthetic turf around the perimeter of the pool will keep your pool, lawn, and home from becoming muddy.

Synthetic grass functions well in small outdoor areas and in locations that experience extreme wear and tear. If you are interested in adding synthetic grass to your Pleasanton lawn, rooftop, or balcony, contact a reputable synthetic turf company like Bay Area Turf.

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