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5 Ways to Use Artificial Turf in Your San Francisco Yard

Artificial Turf in San Francisco If you think that the ways in which you can use artificial turf on your San Francisco home's yard is limited, your lawn maintenance contractor will disagree because artificial turf can function in numerous creative ways.

Where Can You Use Artificial Turf?

  • Between Pavers - Your lawn maintenance contractor can apply artificial turf to areas between brick or stone pavers to provide a vivid contrast against the hardscaping. Natural grass is difficult to maintain in these areas, but artificial turf doesn't require much attention.
  • Underneath Outdoor Furniture - Homeowners who spend a lot of time outside tend to have areas in their lawns with outdoor furniture. Placing artificial turf underneath your outdoor furniture is encouraged because artificial turf doesn't require mowing, so you won't have to move your furniture every time you mow your lawn.
  • Around a Pool - If your swimming pool overflows, the water can ruin the grass surrounding the pool and make your lawn muddy. By applying artificial turf around your pool, you'll keep your grass green and prevent the accumulation of mud in and around your home.
  • On a Balcony or Rooftop - Artificial turf is also used on balconies and rooftops so that residents in urban areas can enjoy the appearance of greenery without managing lawns.
  • Under Children's Outdoor Play Areas - Your lawn maintenance contractor may recommend using artificial turf if you have children because it can handle regular wear and tear better than natural grass. Consider placing artificial turf underneath your children's playhouse, swing set, or trampoline.

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If you're interested in adding artificial turf to your San Francisco home's landscaping, reach out to our landscapers at Bay Area Turf, a trusted lawn maintenance company. No matter where you choose to place artificial turf, you'll be able to experience all of the benefits it has to offer, including minimal maintenance and durability.

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