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6 Benefits Of Installing Synthetic Grass Around Your Pool

Synthetic grass pool

If you have a pool in your San Francisco backyard, you know just how great it looks surrounded by vibrant green grass. You probably also know about the different issues having grass near your pool can create. The bottom line is that natural grass and moisture are a problematic mixture. Grass clippings, dirt, and even bugs making their home in the grass can clog up your pool's filtration system. Not to mention, these things can also make the water dirty and throw off its pH. When you want a beautiful scene in your backyard that doesn't involve your pool suffering from the effects of natural grass, consider installing synthetic grass around your pool. The pros at Bay Area Turf have compiled this list of benefits you can enjoy when you choose synthetic grass around your pool area, so keep reading to learn more.

No Mud & Dirt

Because synthetic grass doesn't involve planting anything in the ground, you won't have to worry about dirt and mud around your pool. You'll be able to have pool parties whenever you want without worrying about dirtying the water or tracking wet, muddy footprints into your home.

No Slipping

Wet grass is a slippery slope-- literally. Especially when you've got children playing in and around your pool, the last thing you want is to create an environment where bruises, scraped knees, and other injuries are bound to happen. Synthetic grass doesn't get slippery when it's wet, meaning the area around your pool is safer for your guests.

Less Cleaning

Half of owning a pool is making sure it's clean, and that cleaning time can be extended when you've got natural grass around your pool. Synthetic grass does not shed or contain dirt, meaning you'll have less debris in the water to clean up. You'll have much more time to enjoy your pool!


No matter how much rain your area gets or how strong the sun beats down, synthetic grass will never suffer from the effects of the elements. Your pool area will look great year-round!

Fewer Pests

When you've got synthetic grass, pests like mosquitoes, worms, and even frogs can't survive in your yard. This means you won't have any visitors joining you in the water when you go swimming.

Durability & Strength

Synthetic grass is made of thick fibers that don't die, break, or fade like natural grass does. You'll be able to enjoy your turf for years to come since it can withstand pool water and exposure to the elements.

If these benefits sound good to you now, wait till you learn there's so many more! By calling Bay Area Turf and getting your own synthetic grass installed around your pool, you'll learn just how many more benefits you can reap. You can choose from any of our products, from our bronze series to our gold series, and get the most out of your pool area!


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